The SEHP Mission

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership will expand affordable housing for low to moderate incomes through active participation
and facilitation with the public and private sectors of the Sioux Empire.

Helping South Dakotans Achieve Homeownership

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership (SEHP) is dedicated to inspiring people to reach the American Dream of homeownership by increasing housing opportunities for individuals and families in the Sioux Empire. We carry out our mission by:

  • Building new affordable housing developments
  • Rehabbing homes and revitalizing neighborhoods
  • Providing financial and homeownership education to people in the Sioux Empire
  • Working with area employers to provide down payment assistance to their workforce

Community Development

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership (SEHP) is committed to assisting low- to moderate-income families in finding affordable housing in rural areas. This is a critical component to rejuvenating economic growth and keeping families in small towns. Small towns in South Dakota are losing young people and families to urban areas where jobs and housing are plentiful. Housing in rural areas can be difficult to build and develop affordably since material prices are similar to metro areas, but income is lower and growth is slower.

Affordable Housing Resource Centers

In conjunction with a grant provided by the Citi Foundation, we have established an Affordable Housing Resource Center program for participating communities. The centers' primary focus is to educate homebuyers and to provide resources for low- to moderate-income families. Participating communities include Garretson, Baltic, Hartford, Centerville, Parker, Harrisburg, Canton and Tea.

Creating Partnerships & Financing

As a vital resource to homebuyers and the communities we serve, the SEHP has built partnerships valuable to the development and financing of affordable housing in the Sioux Empire. We've established partnerships that have included local and federal grant dollars, zero interest loan pools and reduced fees from lenders and Realtors and discounted materials. We work with each community in creating their own partnerships that can similarly reduce the price of homes being constructed.

So Many Options to Take your First Step!

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Our Staff

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