Disclosure Statement and Private Policy

  • I hereby request the services of Sioux Empire Housing Partnership’s (SEHP) Education Center for
  • I agree to provide any information required by SEHP in order to complete the
  • I agree to give permission to any lender from which I obtain a mortgage to discuss my loan and any delinquencies with SEHP
  • I agree to give permission to SEHP to share information with Sioux Falls Community Development or my employer (if applicable) for the purpose of evaluating my request for
  • I understand that SEHP does not charge a fee for the Homebuyer Education Program or any other service it provides.
  • I understand that SEHP may recommend several mortgage loan product(s) or down payment However, I also understand that SEHP is NOT responsible for any lender decision and has NO authority to approve or deny any mortgage application.
  • I understand that completion of the SEHP Homebuyer Education Program is not a guarantee that any mortgage application will be
  • I agree to hold SEHP harmless for any losses, claims, liabilities, or damages alleged to arise from SEHP’s.

The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership (SEHP), Homeownership Education Resource Organization (H.E.R.O.) and HUD require full disclosure of potential and actual conflicts of interest so that you are in a position to make fully informed decisions. It is up to you to choose whom you would like to work within the mortgage and real estate arena; you are not obligated to receive any mortgage or real estate services.

Agency Conduct: No SEHP employee, officer, director, contractor, volunteer, or agent shall undertake any action that might result in, or create the appearance of, administering counseling operations for personal or private gain, provide preferential treatment for any person or organization, or engage in conduct that will compromise our agency’s compliance with federal regulations and our commitment to serving the best interest of our clients.

In working with you to provide Homebuyer Education and/or counseling, the client is not obligated to receive, purchase, or utilize any other services offered by the organization, or its exclusive partners, in order to receive housing counseling services.

You further understand that our agency is required to provide you with information on other affordable mortgage product and/or real estate services available to you in the marketplace and that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are receiving the best mortgage product and/or real estate services for your individual or family needs.

Our Counseling and Education Services Addresses the following:

Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Counseling

Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops

Rental Housing Counseling/Housing Workshops

Financial Literacy and Credit History Review

Youth Financial Literacy

Personal Money Management